No voice, number 1 voilation

I got no voice! I haven't played initial d within the week... no starbucks to drink... I'm hopeless

I used up all of what's left of my pay check last summer's work for MarzoPop so it's back to the drawing board..... a thousand a week.... who cares lah? I'm off to vacation time in MarzoPop ... I'm sayin work loads for them, I don't mind since I love My job.

Ayeon (Hong) my new Korean classmate this year is actually asking me to get her a copy of the latest Kpop music .... I dun mind either ^_^.

Johanna finally found a substitute for her not-so-east-to-find PV and/or MV of Izayoi (something something) of W-inds. I'd look for it too right now but .... (here comes the big problem) My pc suddenly died out in the middle of my last download while I was checking out something in the laptop.

What the hell am I doin online then you ask? I'm using my mum's laptop.... actually she doesn't mind me using it for awhile since she's gt another laptop so.... I'm not gonna bother her for awhile while she's using her OTHER laptop... coz I dun like to work on mi Dad's pc coz Bro's always hogging it up everytime.

I'd love to tell dad that it's a perfect time to do all his downloads while I can't download or buy anything on the internet... but alas... I gotta keep mi mouthy shut first.

currently I'm working on this stinkin' effin play for my school convocation, I'm the director / coreographer / writer ... ah you name it! only afew actually cooperates..... I shout alot at those who doesn't listen, so to those who actually listen.... well I seem like a hot ragging bull againts a flock of grouchy tigers.

I hate it.... and add to that I need to plan out a fridggin' lesson plan for the YDC members, I dun mind but hell nah! I'm busy like shit's on my head! speaking of shit..... I need to get that holla back girl song outta ma head or everyone's gonna turn out pissed off me. ya'll know what I'm saying here?

I'm listening to Jay Chou's Ye Hui Mei right now.... I can't do anything much since as I said earlier, my pc's down and it won't turn on... it won't get fixed till monday... thanks to the lord there are other computers that I can use.

I miss marzopop, It's been awhile since I've been there, it sucks that I only get to go there once in awhile. I get stuck here at home or at SM playing initial D... I like initial D too but ya know it eats up my bling so I better stay at home but it also eats up my bling ..... coz I always go shopping at yesasia...... call me a yesasia addict but hey it's a bargain since everything I buy goes through MarzoPop so most of my albums are autographed by the artists, that's why I always use the copied version (^_^) LoL...

Nic's a year older now... it was his birthday yesterday and I feel so sorry for not being able to celebrate with him.... Ayei Nic dun wori, I will have something in exchange for me not coming over.

On the other side of the world in FLorida, whoa! hurricane season, hope Uncle and Auntie and even Vinica doesn't have to evacuate.... I hope their all ok back there! >.<

darn.... I'm sleepy, but I gotta stay up, jaz coz I feel like it tonight. tomorrow I'm not quite sure if I'll go to Pangasinan since it's me grannie's death aniversary, not that I don't want to but I'm somewhat busy. and My mp3 player's broken so I dun feel so gutsy and feel like traveling suddenly... besides I want to use my pc asap.... but darn still it won't turn on. (>.<)

what to do... ahh! I better go do my work now so till here

One . Later Days

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