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W-inds.:You are W-inds. The popular group,
energetic and humorous! You are the Nice and
Unique kind, who is very adorable and very
special! NOW that's awsome! 'cause you know
that people around you think you are Special
and Lovable!
Which Cute(Kawaii) Band Are You?
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My Comment:
oh? how lucky!!!! I just told myself how WiiNDY I was ^_^

My Comment:
KEEEEiiiTTAAAhhhh!!! I'm a Tacchi-bi Girl LOL!

Kyouki has the power to levitate thing and is very
strong mentally. I also hear he likes bondage,
fleaxible items to practice his mental power

(2) Vampire, angel, kappa, or demon? Girls only
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My Comment:
heck! I dun even knoe him!!!! ^_^ but I had fun taking this quiz!

You are too fruity to be cake. So you're pie! Go
you miss individual man!

What kind of cake are you?
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My Comment:
FRUiiiiiiTiEEEEE BaBY!!!!!!!!

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Marz-Mariel said...

WHY?!! why won't anyone leave me a comment.. only at Xanga?!!!!! oh well