My Late Lunch

My Late Lunch

I din't bring lunch only my bling coz I know that Baduch would come over at my school so here's some pics I took


= (from left to right) Cess and Me @ Shakeys

We happened to land on Shakeys today Bernaded insisted... I was looking forward to starbucks but maybe later.... I have work tonight anyways

then after that we brought Jo home.... we gotta keep out eye's peeled for that gay stalker guy who's sooo popular within the premises of our school's community.. so we gotta watch out for each other as much as we can

he's known for his evil doings like: Being totally gay, stealing, pick-pocketing, being gay, having a wrong fashion statement, and (worst of all) he/she happened to do this (on of the stated crimes above ^_^) to my classmates... (look I don't know the complete story so buzz off!! all I know is that we have to kick his ass just incase he attacks any of us -_-')

then Me, Cess, n Baduch headed to my place to karaoke.... here's some pics:

=Bernadette singging some song I forgot what song

= Cess and me at my living room.... while baduch was singging ^_^... I took of the flash dun complain

=Bernadette and Cess Singging SOMETHING!!!! I was fooling around.... no complains people!!

and that's the pics I uploaded so far there's still more I might post the rest when I feel like it!

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