Life is Good

yeah! that's the spirit! Enjoying life especially now that I've got put my pains through the comming (tomorrow's -_-') mid exams ... COOL!!! hey! I'm not being sarcastic nor am I looking forward to me failing! I studied! I listened! and I just finished making my reviewer... while listening to my fav. Apops!

now the question is.... to post or not post? I've got Direct Links to the Initial D Movie OST.... oooohh... keep dreamin'!!! ^________^. I'll post it up if you're good to me and tag on my tag board ^_^

I'll luv my new blogger layout... sooO WiiNdY!!!!!! wahahahahaha!!!!

Of ourse if you people know me good enough of course you'll think I've got a new album? HECK YEAH your right!
here's the list:
Namie Amuro -Queen of Hip-Hop
Will Pan - 2005 New Album
DBSK (Dong Bang Shi Ki) - Hi Ya Ya Summer Days

Namie Amuro's Queen of Hip-Hop is off the heezy!!!! Luve it!!!!! and you've gotta have it!!!!! ^_______^
btw, because I'm in a good mood today.... I will add more links to the music downloads located on the "others" page or unless you've seen that ahead of my blog -_-' whatta LEECHER!!!!!

If you have plans of hotlinking... PLEASE I BEG YOU!!! the credits are already posted up so thank them as well..... I owe them big time!!!!!!

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