Initial D July 3, 2005

Hello Ladies and gentlemen... once again it's another one of those weekends where in I get to race with the so called "team renesis" (or something like that)

well not to be braggy but YEY.. I won a race ... oh poo... I'm such a low life racer LOL!!!

all of my time attack races were good except fot my race in Happogahara.... oh that freakin' track. I can kill myself if I even attempt to race there but not to worry.... I got all the time I need for practicing there.....

and that's all from racer 1DUDE for today.... I never get the chance to race my BEST1 anymore... hmm I should work something out with that car -________-'.

also I'm in desparate need to watch Initial D the movie!!!! I really wanna see Edison there and ooohhh!!! let's not forget the star of the movie! JAY CHOU!!! on his first time acting.... I got to see that one!!!!

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