Initial D game July 9, 2005

I raced again wheppy~!!! I could keep doing this every weekend! (if I have money lah! -_-') let's forget about money issue not back to the game talk.

Greg bought the win for me v.s. Tak!!! OMG Takumi!!! JAY CHOU!!! LOL!!! I'd force-drool over that! (in English that means.... I'd be amazed) by anyone and I mean ANYONE who has that trueno... I don't care if your a stupid driver... HECK! it reminds me of Jay Chou!!!! I just love that feeling.

Apart from that still no confirmation on weather Initial D will be shown here, but something tells me that it will be shown here! coz this afternoon on my way home from SM I saw the billboard sign on the bus stop "June 19 - NEW POLICE STORY" waaaahhh!!! Nicholas Tse!!!!! (oh here come's NIC to pester me -_-') I don't really care but hell yeah!! NEW POLICE STORY! starring Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse! can't wait to watch that.... if I could.... but either ways that's gonna come out on DVD here in the Philippines and I have plans of getting that DVD!!! or VCD who cares! at least you people know I'll watch it!

what happened on my game? My first game was, uh how dya say? COMPLICATED. I played on a broken machine! (it had broken steering!) luckily I managed to drive my car on Usui (not really planning to race on Usui but that's where the broken steering landed on -_-')
so I managed to get the curves over with.

Greg wanted me to accept challengers... HECK no... not till there's.... (*TO TEAM RENISIS* heck man! ya'll know what I'm sayin' ere'!) that!

no comment to that what-so-ever. I got to conquer Happogahara! no luck on that yet. I've been practicing on my Irohazaka INBOUND wheppy! I ranked in 7th oh yeah! Eat butt! I gotta go check on that next week (if we're going)

and as always a Starbucks drink is there to reward my efforts. I got to remind myself next time "MIX BEFORE DRINK and COFFEE is ONLY GOOD at HOME" that's just for me to remind myself ^_____^

till here,

later days!

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