I'm never too creamed for anyone (except... LOL!!!)

Here I am again! whew! whatta week today's my early break but not exactly everything just yet. Next week I've got to face the pains of the Mid quarterly exams and I definitely need to pass no matter what!!! so this weekend I'm studying!!!!! (AJA! FIGHTING MAriel! )

Today I hit the mall early this week since I know I can't leave the house this weekend. So I skipped work thanks to Hasta Mama Orie taking over for me! for the next two weeks LOL!!!! THank Yaw!!!!!

so now I'm stuck here... oh lemme just forget about getting stuck studying for just a sec! so today as I was saying earlier I was able to go to the mall with mah bro -_-' (captn' Vice of team renesis) I didn't exactly get to race my kin' but I was able to burn a little fuel also thanks to his bling. I was busy looking around the mall today LOL. I don't practically care this time.... BUT I was SOOOO jealous when I saw "New Police Story" already being shown!!! I couldn't help but think if anyone was in that cinema watching it!!!! oh ..... man!!! I Hope Nic doesn't complain about it! I mean I was suppose to watch it earlier but I really didn't have the time.

Ed on the other hand, we're still good... thankfully ^_^ wuv ya GOR!!!!!!! loL!!!!! I'm still look ing forward to next week's visit to SM to race but apparently I don't think I'll be in the right attire to race in initial D due to my skimpy or so I think attire which I'll be wearing on the Furr Anniversary celebration. it's finally going to be our 1st year anniversary yeay!!! that's the celebration since me Princess and Albie aren't going to the recollection... I was never allowed -_-'.... I only wished that Bernadette could come alone cept' that she's got classes on Friday -_-'

Johanna and Pat.... their both hype for the release of the "Half Blood Prince - Harry Potter" book, unfortunately only one of them is gonna buy the book and that's Johanna. Nani Pat wanted to get the book, I was thinking why not get a copy for Nani Pat too? I can afford it but the thing is that "What if" she gets her copy before I even buy her one copy of it? er.... I really don't like those "What if's" it's gon drive me mad!

so much for that I wished I played Initial D today -_-' I'm going to be imprisoned in a solitary room (with aircon LOL not exactly too solitary for me ^_^) studying MATH AND SCieNCE!!!! grr..... it's a good thing I try my best in board work during math even if I'm usually wrong... hei! It's not particularly sai hei.... I get grade for the effort fools!!! I mean think about it!???!!!! I'd try my best to pass all my subjects although I'm just a little lazy or should I say too laid back.... It's not my thing doing math or studying everyday like a crazy idiot tyring too hard that my brains says "I QUIT!".

speaking of quitting, today's club meeting was well it's definitely productive. except for the fact of a little misunderstand in some of my club members. as a Club president If there is anyone's feelings which I hurt then I admit my mistake and ask for forgiveness to whom ever that is. as of for the other people who's got issues on me.... I'm telling you, I don't care what you think. If you find me seriously effin' stupid and got some attitude, that's your problem I don't care what you think.... it's my life. But I don't mind changing if you ask me too, I don't bite for the love of god! I can accept my mistakes! I'm not like the others who lose their marbles by getting criticized. It's my duty to change for the better

Luis (Pastor) who had a history of getting seizure, collapsed in the middle of our free time before our A.P. period. As a first reaction to this situation, since it already happened before I stayed calm and ordered my classmates to call for Mrs. Vesuntia (Used to be Ms. Anna Huele) . I know that what I did wasn't as efficient as what I did last year (ask if he was alright) but I know that he'd regain composure in a few sec so well I didn't get enough time to do what was right. oh well that's life things like that can happen in a flash.

and till here.... I'm gonna go fish with team renesis next time ^_^

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