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oh geez.... another weekend I love it! another day for work at MarzoPop (supposedly a bad thing ... but it ain't =) ). Today I spent most of my day with my so called "FURR" friends at Shoe Mart (SM North Edsa) to just do anything we want.

yeah, it was all great till well I'm not trying to be sarcastic but I saw alot of "CLAREANS" both old and new at Sm not that I'm complaining but I think it's a bad time to go to a "greenhouse AFFECTED mall" like SM on a Saturday ESPECIALLY on a saturday.

The hotdogs were there, Ate Angel (Macalinao), Several fourth year students, younger brother of one of the 1st year student at Masbate, Arvin (Mendoza) at the North Star drugstore (don't even ask), Timothy (well we planned to meet in the first place) well anyhows I don't exactly find it as a bad thing seing people that I know it's just that I find it REALLY REALLY IRRITATING.

but me and my friends had a good day. anyways, for lunch we ate at Tokyo Tokyo (ehk yuck! X_X) and I happen to just have to live with the fact that I still CRAVE for unagi, but not precisely complaining that I don't like Tokyo Tokyo it's also a matter of uhg.... the way that restaurant is... it's fast food, not a good choice for a get together. I was hoping maybe a more decent restaurant something like "Cafe Bola" but that's definitely out of the question... there is NO Cafe Bola in SM but either ways I don't mind paying for lunch if it was Cafe Bola or Area Cafe (which you CAN find in SM Megamall.... ok ok maybe only Area Cafe but sTiIL!!!

then before we left for home we definitely HAD to pass by a starbucks.... dang..... I think I like the Starbucks here than the one in the US.... I don't know why... you tell me!

on the way home I had to ask Bernadette and Albie to send me home since I don't have the slightest clue about taking a public transportation ALoNE ! *definitely!*

and that concludes my latest news

later days!

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