the worst blog ever

which blog of mine was the worst blog I had ever manage? I don't know! I hate blogs but currently that xanga blog of mine is attracting competition coz of it's layout... er... as of for this blog.... eh... well... so pla!N ... this could seriously use some help

but I'm busy with making my xanga blog win the competition with all the rest of the other blogs around in xanga, although it's not in it's premium state, I don't care. I love it's current layout. I wish I could edit this blog too!

this (Blogger) blog now has it's own "personal" link back blinkie link, I just have to put that one up also hehehehhe

wow!..... I'm so lame in blogger! I should seriously pay more attention to this blog of mine. even if this is the only blog where I encounter a "writers block" LOL!!!!

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