Work + vacation = total recreation

Work + vacation = total recreation

today I just came back from downtown sheesh! whatdaF!!!!!!!! has MPop gone nuts again?

I feel like talking black again. Well Ed said he'll arrive tomorrow but shh..... it's a secret or MPop's gonna kick my butt ..... SO what now? uh well I got to go to Chinatown, times square, ground zero, more times square.... and I'm still going to put a continuation to that.... tomorrow I might take a break from work so.............. who knows what job there is up here for me... I mean I just get the news from Mpop.

Steven and Nic? uh? I think they went out again. they shudda gone to china town wid me so they could do all the bargaining but they would have been bargaining on something else if ya'll GIRLS know what I mean.

Downtown New York; it's on hella of a Manila except more pressure more people and more Lights......... - piece of advice though never wear sunglasses at night...... you'll seem blind (I took that from Jessica, she'll be putting that up in Mpop fashion or something like that)

so I went to a dollar store (wtF!?) heheheheh well it seemed pretty cheap and fun? well obviously hehehe LOL I guess that's it for now.... I gotta uh... browse thru my work

later ya'll

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