The Perfect Dare

The very famous game of "Drink or Dare", well I happened to be playing that yesterday. But things got alittle bit out of order so I just had to quit... for some stupid reason . Here's what happened yesterday afternoon.....

|| First "dare" || kiss the next person to my right.... (thank got it's not a lip to lip kinda of a kiss, and I'm glad it was just Leiah who was sitted to my right ) of course I got through that!

|| Second "drink" || Turns out the "drink" in the drink or dare was table condiments! (ex. fish sauce, Toyo, peper, salt, vinegar, ect.) damn! I was the first to take the drink. I choose FISH SAUCE (patis) feeling confident that its not such a big problem..... but it was!!!!

are you like freakin' crazy?!!!! it's just the first drink and Terry dared me to drink half the bottle of fish sauce... and I was like "uh,.... ok man whatever... let's get this thing over with". And I did got over it

|| third "Drink" || I didn't like the sound of the dare which was to bite Terry's dog on it's ear so I took "drink" instead. This time I had to drink 1/4 cup of the vinegar with spices (the one with chillies and other stuff). Terry threw in a little bit more chilli's because he knows that I hate chillies!

he even managed to reason out with me that my dare wasn't as bad as Blanka or Earl's drink (which had something to do with wasabi and other spicy and salty condiments YUCK!)

so I continued... then as I swallowed my last gulp of Vinegar stuff.... so I quit.... I didn't feel like playing anymore. I left for home

what's the big story?


anyways so I made my way home did a little work.... HAD DINNER.... and then... oh yeah do my nightly stuff... chat with some of my friends and then sleep.... but that's when the problem occured.....

I felt nauseated and felt like puking..... and so I did... a lot of times too!!! (wow! I'm so repulsive!). It even Made Steven, Nic, and Jo worried lah..... (now that's a friend!) but I was still busy feeling sick so?

but I think those side table condiments had some serious side effect... I don't know if it was me or Nic and Steven asked me to their girlfriend? and I was like... HELLLNAAHHHH!!!!

well exception for Steven though.... I know what that guy is going through... (ooooh.... someone is ragging hot among my readers!!! ). What about Nic? oh that Crazy Gor of mine lah!!!..... He's too old!!!!! LOL.... old GOR!!!!!

well forget about what I was hallucinating about.... I just needed a break from work..... and right now I'm still working and the next time I play drink or dare.... I'll make sure I'm not playing with Terry.... he might even think of making me drink spoiled Milk!!!!

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