ya'll how ya'll homie doing lah?

News Back Down @ San Francisco

ya'll how ya'll homie doing lah?

ok lets face it ya'll..... I talk slang, in a Filipino Chinese English... eh... weird? so I'm shuttin' the trap up here. I'm not at the hood ya'll. Right now I'm at Stockton, San Francisco.

I was @ Lake Tahoe just a lil' bit ago. but lah.... I got talking with Nic and Steven they found my speaking problems kinda funny (it ain't funny) I mean talk black in Lake Tahoe? man! ya'll wan me to be killed?

Ed, Kenny, Gill, & Char will soon follow after us here in San Francisco, so..... hell nah! lah!!!! I was already havn' fun at Lake Tahoe just a bitty ago and unfortunately my breakfast made me go berzerk! my tummy eh..... damn! my suggestion ya'll better have a tough tummy if ya'll gon' hav' Mcy-dy's fo breakfast.

I'm still talking slang ere' aight? nuttins' tight, I want to go to Vancouver since Aaron Kwok ll' be there but I dun got no ticket to get my bum self over where.

I'll be leaving San Francisco soon in a few days and will be at New York. and ama go meet my ol' friends. an' probly' my stressed up hommies at the hood

I also wanted to go to downtown San francisco but nah men, my scheds' tight ya'll know wut am saying? yes? ok.... I'm weird talking ya'll here in the Us.... I better straight up trippin' for I get to NY for my hommies beat the hell outta me ya hurrd?

I still don kno was my momma's decision if I'm stayin or nut.... aww hell nah!.... surprisingly I never knew Philly' airlines has a "Japanese and Chinese" radio chanel.... it was tight I tell yaH!... I mean ya'll gon travel in Philliy' air which I only do wen I'm wid my momma' so I was kinda suprised... they aired uh... Honey - Cyndi Wang, one of Kenny's new songs, Catherine - David Tao, some Twins song... lah I dunno it was all in Chinese I really din' pay that mucho attentiones to the radio songs... as along as it's the music I like then... hell nah!! ama go an go listen.

and now I gotta go talk 2 my momma bout' some shopping stuff .... she thinks it's cheaper to buy stuff over ere'.

peace ya'll!!! and don' talk slang when in the US! or ya'll hommies gon kick ya'll asses farther than New Jersey!

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