@ NY

@ New York right now I finally arrived at Ny (Queens, Howard Beach) right now I'm just updating my blog coz my cuz ain't using the PC yet.... @_@ well well

I'm also suppose to catch my "fanfic" thing goin' on but uhg.... still busy lah LOL!!! well I also want to catch the other Filipino flicks on ABS-CBN "Meteor Garden" ...... and also most ESPECIALLY...... MY ASIAN POP MUSIC. it's been like FOREVER since I last heard Edison Chen's songs which like takes my "whacko side" out of vision LOL just kidding I'm still pretty normal here in NY.

I loved my short time at San Francisco, I loved meeting up with my mom's old high school classmates.... their crazy nah heheheheh....

ama go now I I gotta go call Stev and Nic and check on them before they "go out" together again ^______________________^

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