New Mobile phone

whew! I just felt more stupid today whephy! why am I so happy?

well bargain runs in my head for like.... a OLD 6210 nokia phone for like 2 dollars .... "what!!!" you say? yeah I could sell this old phone for two bucks. COLD HAD CASH BABY! LoL

I practically use my mobile for work not to "fall in love" with. I use it to actually CALL and TEXT people.... not take pictures or other crappy stuff the new model phones now-a-days does... I mean camera on the phone? USELESS!!! I'd rather buy 10 cameras and attach it to my old 3310 with the use of super glue and scotch tape!!!!

what's up with the new nokia fold phones????!!!! they're all...... square! and big time baby! technology now-a-days..... NO QUALITY ANYMORE!!!!

look I still have work gotta run!

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