Cool things I did at school

Now you actually hear me say "COOL things I did at SCHOOL" wow that's a first! maybe it's olny because of that CW subj. of mine. It's my favorite subject.

Cuz it turns on the creativity center of mine... somehow I like the activities better then the writing activities... right now it's my problem because I'm still typing the short story Ate Pia [(Umali) my CW teacher] told us to prepare for next meeting. She said it's suppose to be a horror story, I have a great plot for it but i'm to chicken to write it. Because usually when I write stories I'm usually all alone and I'm kinda of a scardy cat when it comes to ghosts...

right now I'm still fixing my avatar... now I gotta eat dinner! ok this is great! (sarcatically I mean it)

I'll brb 4 another post

later hours (hehehe)

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