Cool things I did at school (part2)

I got back already hehehe. yup My problem is that horror story writing. I don't know how I'll get throug it but maybe I just might.

I hope I do. anyways I got the good stuff today I got 1 of my bro's Initial D cards. yeah! I actually got it now! har har.. man I'm running out of words!

oh yeah now I remembered the activities in my CW subj. this morning was we were suppose to act this scene Ate Pia (Umali) would say... we were grouped into 2 groups the boys v.s. the girls, then she made each team choose a director. Of course as usual Johanna would get nominated first and the job would get passed to some one else, luckily I was "the some one else" my group was looking for.. and then let the scenes begin!

first scene: we should make a scene about people in the cemetary...

we had some one mourning over a grave made out of two people and another scene addition to that was a live zombie trying to attack three girls while I was acting like I got out of a 1950 black and white horror movie screaming and making my usual 1950 B&W movie expression.

second scene: I think it was the church? I think (this may not be in order)

there we had a choir, kneeling people (while praying), some one in a conffesion booth, while I kneeled and prayed.. I couldn't help but laugh at myself of course

third scene: hospital - maternity ward

we had two people giving birth one already had the baby born, one is about to have a baby, and one was still giving birth I was in that scene as a nurse

fourth scene: Parlor

one of us had a manucure, a re-bond (I'm the one re-bond the hair), people waiting for their turn (don't recall if we did have anything more than that)

fifth scene: at the prom

we had two people eating me and Kariwaki (Dalumpines), a person at the door welcoming the guests, two guests, two dancing couples (both girls since we didnt have any boys)

sixth scene: at the bank - during ar bank robery

two cashers, me as a hostage by one the robbers, another hostage, and the rest of my group mates were putting their hands up.

and the winner of this activity was the girls... of course why wouldn't they! I'm the director for the love of god!

another one of our activities also awhile ago was to write top three of our secrets on a piece of paper.
of course I got revealed! but I ain't saying what I wrote there = )

and on music I had to sing.... I sang leaving on a jet plane ..... no minus 1 but I already had it! nuts! I was given a grade of 82 cuz I guess I'm just nervous because I didn't have the magic mic in my hands all I had was Paul (Azcuna)'s lousy pen.. not saying that Paul is lousy but the pen is! I really hate it when I'm not prepared... uuuhhrrrgg!!!

ok so that all for now I guess...

later days

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