The worst intrams of my life!

I used to say that the intrams was the best few days of my life cuz I didn't need to do anything... but today was... I don't know like.... well actually it was SHIT-Take mushrooms.... absolutely wrong!

If only the players came this afternoon I wouldn't have to represent all the wisdom girl's games ... and I mean ALL the games! that includes... games of the generals, chess, table tennis, & darts. it's good enough that I don't need to play volleyball or I'd call in the shit-take mushrooms for all of those players!

luckily I did something worth while.... in return for those players who didn't show up... I deliberately lost all of the games except chess.. well I also wanted to lose that but unfortunately my opponent didn't show up... I hope it's still the same on Nov.3 (back to classes after the sem. break)

I was suppose to win the games of the general..but with the support and my pity for my Villa Corina friends and opponents, I still deliberately lost.... as for the the Table tennis... OF COURSE! I wasn't suppose to play yet! I haven't had my training! I don't know which asswipe would play without practicing but unfortunately (again) I'm that moronic asswipe.

The only good thing is that I get to have my "WELL DESERVED" vacation I've been dying to get a long time ago!!! ahh shittake!

I want to go home to Pangasinan (MY Province) I love it there! excerpt during the Lenten season.... it always feels like there's some one following me every time of the year in that place.. so eery & weird but of course fun!

Oh yeah, I've been saying SHITAKE since the start of this blog... WHat is shitake? it's a type of mushroom the you can get or find in Japan.. I don't know what it tastes like and over all it's SHIT-Take. Pronounced as shi-ta-ke (cuz it's Japanese and all)

Later Days! (might be a long time for my next post.. but I don't know... WHATEVER!!!)

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