SHUKXZ or not?

there was no day that I could have said "well it's not so bad" to myself but today it was the other side around.

I had done the worst and most WORST thing..ever! sharing secrets! man I'm so dead I just hope that person doesn't make any bad moves so that I won't get into any trouble... urrrhhgg!!!

some one recently opened me and my friend's account (something on the web) and started using it for self enjoyment! NUTZ! and the thing is, I know it's impossible because I know that I haven't really even shared the address whatsoever to anyone! well there is an exception but still it was HACKED! I do have some possible accusations but I ain't pointing fingers.

Tomorrow I'll be at school... again... on a Saturday... with my classmates... on (I think) my last cheering practice... well I do hope I don't screw up again. Man I got so much on my mind! and plus I gotta hit the books. My semester in Mandarin is so... uhm.. i dunno.. Passed I think?

Lately Jian Left the county again to visit his folks back in Taiwan. I Do hope he comes back in time to watch my cheering competition. SHUKX! I think I'm so obviously crushing on my friend (SECRET!) who is so not as cool or as handsome as Jian but what the heck! it's just a crush... haaayy... My life is so completely over.... some how I feel like I'm gonna need to talk to some one sometime sooner or later.
I think I'm really getting that same feeling long ago, maybe that was 1 year ago (I don't know).

I'm also happy about some matter like the activation of "The STARbuckers" man I'm so getting used to this stuff! I really need to make more bling - bling. I ain't got cash! I'm telling ya before ya rob me! hehehehe

Today is also my bro's b-day and it's one of my friend's monthssary (no need to know who). Anyways I was visited by Patricia (Lucido) One of my former classmates in SCS last year...

well dudes.... later days!

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