On another Saturday Practice in Villa Corina

Well nothing special today... JUst found out that my friend has a crush on my crush who is my so totally "Cutie Material kinda guy". NUts! Man I've been already fighting over him between my bestfriend and now... MAN! this reeks! my friend got his number! LIKE RAWR! I so need to get a move on...

But Still!! I like that dude! man.... I wanna cry!

I liked him ever since I laid eyes on him... and heard of him... even in Masbate... (I'm not giving any clues about who this guy is, but you can guess who he is).

Also lately I've been fixing my homepage but still got them problems with the publishing. Something went totally wrong when I tried it on my server, My computer nearly crashed! oh well so much for personal web server.... sucx don't you think?. But if I do make my site... Sure I'll invite you! I have a dead line after all it has a special theme for every occasion. this month Halloween. I'll keep you guys posted on that part.

Also I met this guy at Myspace.. kinda cute, but not as cute as my crush.

huhu huhu.... I hope some one can help!.. waahh!!!

and adding to my deadline is my Darn special project this sucx x10 MAN!

On Today's practice at Villa Corina.. everything went fine except for the fact the Rebie lost (or maybe some one stole/ misplace) her cellphone. MAN! I couldn't believe it either! I mean it's a 7250i (So expensive). SO If any of my readers saw her cellphone please contact me ASAP. Rewards will be given!

ok that's it... later days DuDes!

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