it's so unfair!

Seriously man! I mean.. welll... just imagine this... You have this school field trip, you decide not to go because you've been to this place for like , uhm well 1 million times already and in return for you not going. The school will give you work that will not be credited (doi! special project). I think it's a so total waste of my time!

you see I haven't even started! I'm just about to! and hell! addition to that I have more important things to do better than doing a not credited thing.. such a waste of paper! (What a kill for the trees!) and money.

It's like, If I went then like, I'd waste 2,500 bucks for one pointless adventure of no ones life time. and hell! SBMA when did I not go wrong? I like the place and all but.. waste money to see something I already saw? MAN! (I'm so repetitive today aren't I?)

but the fact that I'd be with my friends.. out.. in the nature thing wild life bla bla was priceless.. a picture perfect moment! hell!

And it's so unfair that.. well .. I don't know but it's either me or just this years is just so... UNFAIR! but ok maybe I'm looking at the bad side of things but my crush, has so totally crushed on my friend! ouch if I could only say (you double ***ss*** ***ta** **o** [what?]) ok too exaggerated but the thing is... it's happening to both of my crushes... one in _______ and in ________ but not in school. I can live with that but why I'm I so affected?


oh well later days!

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