It's now officialy halloween

I should have known better than to wait for a blood curdling scream to fill my ears, but I just stopped and thought that if I did hear a blood curdling scream it would either come from me or some one standing or sitting beside me (which is my Mom by the way). and addition to that, I can't imagine how I'll say that I'm just talking in my normal voice when I'm already shouting since I'm deaf... just myself imagining hehehe

uhhh.... man I dunno but I'll sure miss Halloween... it won't go away but I would... I'm getting older by the minuete... and I may not be able to join a treat or trick-ing anymore next year.... I'm 12 years old for the love of god! and many think I'm 18! what more if I'm 20 years old? maybe people will think I'm 30 by then! but hopefully not..

that reminds me I'm about to watch one of my all time favorite movie "A Nightmare Before Christmas" I swear I could already hear myself singing those songs in that movie... I've practically watch that movie a million time since I was little.. (I'm I still little? eh?!)

also I should prepare for my class reunion. My classmate from Japan Akira (Ogihara) is coming back to Phily this December. I shouldn't ONLY prepare for that.. I've got to attend a wedding in November! man! talk about being busy all year round!... and it all seems like it's just the middle of the year... haaayyy...

I'm thinking.. me, a gown... a bunch of flowers.. bling-bling... and more bling-bling.... ahh! yes I'm imagining it now! Mng. Marilag(Sembria)'s wedding! (what were you thinking me getting married? at this age? your such a geek! dork!) oh well whatever!

I'm so up to playing a prank at this time of the night! ahh!!! alas! THE NIGHT is young! bwahahahaha.... listen to the sounds of the night.. *listening* (sounds of tricycle, and other vehecles... and me laughing like Dr. Frankenstein) bwahahhaa (cough cough) ok... now I'm pushing it!.... I gtg cuz I can sense a prank under my sleeve-less sleeves bwahahahahahahaha

Happy Halloween to you... and to all... goodnight!

later days

and oh yeah.... don't finish all the candies! I haven't gone trick or treating ya know!!!!

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