Good news! that is kinda sorta of a kind of a bad news

Bad news... we lost the cheering competition..
good news... I don't care!

Why? I exepected it of course! and more to the good news we get to celebrate for losing! man I LOVE me! phew! whatta day.

Right now my bro is out celebrating he's so called victory party at some place I don't know at. but still he gets to party, no big for me.

addition for the bad news, I haven't posted it yet but during one of our practices Gilbert (Mina) just simply walked out on our practice for being speaked up to by Rebie (Basilio) for being a such a jerk by not lifting her during the mids of our stunt... which Gilbert had nothing to do with whatsoever. So what we had to do is look for another lifter.. still no big... hhaaaaaayyy.. so boringly tired....

It's like there's no more rest for us! I mean tomorrow we have our opening for our intrams. aww man! I hope I don't lose any of those games. I don't wanna go back ot the same old - old same pen, paper, book days ...agaiN! either ways it's just the opening and so... I've got the WELL DESERVED VACATION I wanted all along... (HEAVEN!)

later days

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