Do I Have a problem or not

Don't expect me to be happy cuz I'm not. Don't expect me to be depressed coz I'm not. In fact just don't, so would the next person to ask me that same old question... "May problema ka ba?" (Do you have a problem?)... I ain't answering.... but the thing is.... Do I?

Or do I not, I feel like, uhm well I dunno cuz like I feel so, oh what the heck!

Man I've been dying just trying to go to Villa Corina and back to masbate... It's like going to a place full of rats... nothing personal. I don't know what the I'm even talking about now! I think I need to talk to the professionals this time...

or did I just really bump my head too hard this time?

you decide... coz seriously I don't even know what I'm typin' here....
so lonely... (I am?)

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