On this day of my not (any more) so private life

I feel stupid asking for my friends opinion about this guy who I'm not sure if he likes me. Well at least that's what I think so, cuz he always tells me that he likes me and all but I know he doesn't he's a playboy I don't think he knows that I know he's one (playboy). So I'm still having a hard time to actually talk to him.

But on the other hand I feel sorry for him if I didn't talk to him...

I know he'll get over me easily, I wouldn't really need to care about him. But my friends tell me that, they think I like him, which I so do not. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything but I'm really telling the truth!

MAN! I'm actually convincing myself that I'm lying!!! wow talk about split personality!

oh well... there goes tomorrow as well... I might not live for another day.... cuz tomorrow is the day of giving out of report cards.... man, my mother is sooo gonna kill me when she sees my 74 on my math!!!!! I hope I only failed that or else I'm outta here!!! I'm just praying this isn't my last post here ..... for the rest of my life....

Anyone there interested to help me about this matter is always well come.... if I can still touch the computer that is.... I'M SO DEAD!!!!

-----s- -Mariel

And plus addition to that I'm also gonna get killed 1000x cuz I still have cheering practice, I hope I don't screw up like last year.... ahh the good ol' days... I do hope me mom accepts it, that it's only one lousy subject.... ALGEBRA.

Our father who art in heaven..... PLEASE DON'T LET MY MOM KILL ME!!!!

which reminds me... I have a lot to do in the internet... I gotta SKIT!

-=later days=- or YEARS.... UHHHGGG!!!!

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