First day of my cheering practice

Well well I actually survived yesterday! man!!! I so thought I would not live for another day but here I am posting another blog for another day! Turns out that my class adviser (Ms. Gaudia) didn't write my grade in Algebra.... MAN! I FEEL LIKE I AM THE MOST LUCKIEST person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

My choreographer... Ate Rona or was that Ate Mona? I don't know exactly. Its something like that, anyway most of us think she's a He but we can't really tell coz She (He?) doesn't have an Adam's Apple but She (He?) talks like he's gay or something. More to that She (he?) acts like he (She?) IS GAY! My god! I really don't know.

We were given a schedule for our practice dates it M,W,F,& S going to Villa Corina is ok but going home... uhh.... that's the other part of the story.... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GO HOME BY MYSELF!!! Neither am I willing to take the Public transpo... MAN this really sucks!!!

Man am I soooo tired my tushie hurts I dont know why.. but I'm still alive
I guess I will live another day as along as I do good on my Math and Science then I can be an Honor Student!!!! OH!! I LOVE ME!!! (only during this situations [he he he] )

As for tomorrow..... hmmm JUSt plain homework.... Speakin' of homework I gotta start now!

Later Days......

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