4 Questions

Oh YEAH>>> here goes...

well I noticed that recently I haven't been blogging much... MAN! I so wished I didn't keep on dumping all the boys who been courting me.... oh well... I'll have to stay put being single. Which I'm so good at. I'm sooo not allowing myself to make fool out of myself but I know everyone makes mistakes so I guess I really need someone to mess around with so I won't envy anyone w/ a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also lately I've been asking these questions
1. what is the difference of a date and a hangout?
2. what could have my parents called me if not Mariel?
3. where and how can I have MONEY!!!!
4. who created algebra!!!!!

I know it's kinda strange but I still wonder.... Hmmm...

about practice... oh yeah.... that also bugs me cuz on of my practices in Villa Corina, I saw.... someone really annoying! when we came he was waving hello to me like I was blind or something but I didn't talk to him neither did he.

And another thing.. It's so inconvenient! (for the Masbate dancers!)

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