"Marz Today" is Marz Ren's personal blog. No one likes a long explanation, do read my posts. Do excuse my grammatical errors as I've been dubbed
Because I'm an excited child who forgets proper grammar like I do with table manners when the food is good.

I can't stand carrying a DSLR. ktnxbye
I have no cash to trash
Mum can't buy me a car so I got a license to dive
These are my stories and what's been up,
that's pretty much
Marz Today
since Sept 2 2004
It happens...
Often times I blog about Asian Pop related events in the Philippines. If you want real 'fan-girlisms' you can head on down to my LJ where I stalk pretty boys.

Your emoticons are cute!
I don't own them. Its thanks to the CG geniuses Maggie Lau and Momo Wang creators of Maggie and Tuzki. They are my ultimate CG idols and I aspire to be like them too.

Why should I read your blog?!!
FOR THE LULZ! I'll be breaking my LuLz for your entertainment. Because I'm a Jedi like that. Thanks for reading what this blog is all about. Make sure you don't bump into sea lions and polar bears in Manila Bay.

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